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                                REDCLIFFE FRAMING

A touch of home for Estie & Emjee
Estie was after a feature decor piece to add a little touch of Africa to their new home..
We sourced the Zebra Image for her, the size is 80cm x 80cm & is printed on enhanced matt paper, to finish the artwork we selected a rich chocolate matt, a complimentry rustic timber frame & speciality glass
This is a beautiful piece of art..
The Guinea Fowl artwork had belonged to Esties Dad, so we wanted to make sure the finished presentation had a deserving special touch, so it was decided that we float the artwork to highlight the multi dimensional aspect of the pieces, and so as to compliment the Zebra a smaller version of the frame used on the Zebra artwork was used along with speciality glass.
These art pieces are stunning!!
redcliffe2Bframing_2730-22Bcopy redcliffe2Bframing_27322Bcopy



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